Less is More

1st: draped tunic, thrifted / canvas shoes, cotton on
2nd: black top, thrifted / skirt, thrifted / creepers, eBay

What I've been wearing for the past days.

I'm feeling less inclined to wear accessories. I used to pile on the rings, the chains and various accoutrements, but now I feel better without having to constantly adjust things, experiencing no difficulty fishing stuff from pockets and being less encumbered by unnecessary weight. Before, I felt accessories were indispensable to make my outfit more interesting, but as my aesthetics change and I learn to be more comfortable with myself, the more I cut out extraneous elements. After a while detangling yards of chain gets tiring. I know the power of a good accessory and I still enjoy making and using them, but I reckon I will be far more selective when it comes to choosing pieces.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.


  1. In Tumblr speak, THIS. I definitely view accessories the same way you do. I hardly wear any, except for my watch (if that's even counted?), which I always wear.

  2. i totally get you on your newfound attitude with accessorizing....indeed less is always more!

  3. I'm with you, sometimes one carefully chosen accessory is more effective and reduces clutter.


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