Summer Laundry

top row, l-r: v-necked shirt that was stretched in the laundry, thanks to our laundrywoman with the overly powerful hands and also in part to the shoddy quality of forever21 products/ draped tunic, thrifted / draped vest

middle row: sack dress, thrifted / striped shirt, thrifted / tank top

bottom row: tank top, stretched, again thanks to our laundrywoman and forever21 / button down, thrifted / skirt-rag-like-thing, thrifted

gray shorts, hand me down / denim shorts, hand me down / white shorts, hand me down

I know. Please accept my apologies for seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth. My final defense is finally over, and I'm glad to say that the results are positive. I actually feel like I've accomplished something worth being proud of.

Moving on. I'm dying in this heat. Philippine summers are definitely in a different league. Last week the hottest recorded day for the year 2011 so far has yielded a temperature of 36°C and I fervently hope that that will stay as the highest temperature Manila will ever experience this summer (or ever, but that's wishing for too much). Experiencing the worst headache in the history of all my headaches coupled with vomiting because of the heat is an incident I never wish to repeat, and I've been through a lot of migraines.

To combat the searing temperatures, one must be dressed appropriately. I cannot even bear to wear pants anymore. Unfortunately for me, I was never fond of summer clothing so my choices are limited. I tried my best to sift through my predominantly black and gray closet and managed to cobble a somewhat suitable summer capsule wardrobe consisting mainly of items made with lightweight fabrics. I cannot do anything about the color palette though.

I'm itching to go thrift shopping. I've been holding off from making any unnecessary purchases because most of my money goes to printing costs, transportation and other expenses for my thesis but now that I'm a graduate and have no more school obligations, I can now relax and for me that means thrift shopping. A huge drawback of being a graduate though is that I no longer have a steady allowance because I must fend for myself now. I fear the possibility of a penniless post-grad existence. Must. Secure. A. Job. NOW.


  1. I love how simple all the tops are, and I like the middle shorts :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  2. Oh it's so nice that you get to relax a bit and go thrifting! That's relaxation man!
    Sucks that it's so hot there, I experienced my first migraine a while ago and it was really really awful, so I hope you won't have to suffer much more due to the extremely hot weather there. I would like it to be a bit hotter here in the Netherlands though, but not THAT hot! I really like your selection of summer clothes, I know that it's kind of 'expected' to wear lots of colors in the summer but I'm just not into them. So no random color blocking for me!

  3. wow I seriously love all the clothes!!

  4. congratulations....you're a graduate now. Don't worry the worst is yet to come...i kid! It's a killer heat we have these days, even here in the highlands!

  5. Predominantly black and gray. Sounds like my closet.


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