Lightning Crashes in May

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Oh, Bebang. You very nearly blew our roof off. Our roof leaks but I prefer it that way than having no roof at all. I was hoping for rain but not that much and with such ferocity! Such winds! Howling, indeed. After weeks of searing humidity comes a typhoon that ravages a huge chunk of Luzon right in the middle of summer. Ah, global warming.

I had to venture outdoors while the storm seems to be clearing up and moving away from Metro Manila. There was no rain but it was windy and the sky was a dull gray. Nowadays I tend to dress for the weather and everything in this outfit was chosen specifically for that reason. Platform leather shoes to keep my feet dry from the puddle-ridden sidewalks of Manila, no fuss hair, clothes that dry fast in case of any sudden downpours and weather-proof outer covering. Ironically I did not bring with me an umbrella. The parka has a very car mechanic vibe to it. I blended in perfectly with the surroundings.

(I will be in Singapore for about a month and will be extremely busy. Fear not, this space will not be ignored. If anything, I think things shall be a very interesting in the next few weeks and I will continue to update.)

Reposting this because the long ass maintenance of Blogger ate up the first one. If they do restore the deleted post this too shall go.

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