Last Days

tank top, forever21 / kimono, thrifted / skirt, thrifted / canvas shoes, cotton on

This outfit consists of two items from my summer capsule wardrobe with another piece thrown on: a black kimono. I say, layering is still possible in the summer heat.

Got my graduation schedule but I still have to process the papers to have my thesis archived and that damned seminar points thing. Leaving school feels more real than ever before and yet the graduation ceremony is still two months away. I will miss the certainty being in school brings. June comes and it's back to the old cycle of promising to change your study habits coupled with a slight surge of motivation and vigor, and then procrastination, panic, pleading with your professors for an extension and eventually, death. Despite this you always have next term and graduation to look forward to but when it actually rolls around you realize you aren't ready at all. Maybe I'll apply as a professor in Benilde? Hahaha.

I find it odd to talk about fashion one moment and wax philosophical about shit the next. Don't be fooled though. I actually have nothing to say. It has only been days since the official last day of school but I'm already bored and with no money to spend. That has got to be one of the worst things ever. Bored and without two pennies to rub together. Ah, life. I'll just crawl back in bed, perhaps.


  1. your kimono is just the coolest! Did you buy it as it is or did you tweak it a bit?

  2. Love this outfit, that skirt is amazing!

  3. great skirt, has that cool junya watanabe vibe.


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