The End of Days and a Tribute to Uniqlo

May 21 was supposedly the end of the world but we were out paying tribute to consumerism. Actually we didn't care about the world ending, but we did care that basic shirts at Uniqlo were on sale for 8$ a pop. I once had a dream wherein the world as we know it was caving in and where was I? At a mall, shopping. I distinctly remember being in the jeans section when the earth ground to a halt and imploded.

Anyway, we just happened to be taking a post-lunch stroll along Orchard Road when we passed by Somerset and then Zara loomed by and we were lured by their brightly hued skirts and color-blocked outfits. Maybe we could check out Uniqlo next? Before we knew it we ended up with a bunch of clothes under our arms and queueing at the fitting rooms. But how could we resist?

As much as I dislike unplanned shopping, I also couldn't say no to ultra-soft basic cotton shirts and button downs in various colors, especially when it's not my money at stake, haha. Uniqlo probably has the best basics for the kind of price range and market they cater to. I mean, really, why cant there be more brands like Uniqlo and sell well-made, well-cut, affordable PLAIN clothing? If Manila had Uniqlo I'd probably be destitute in half a year's time.

I got dizzy over their sock selection

Kikoman, Volvic and Canon shirts

Uniqlo even makes corporate shirts look cool. When I think of corporate shirts images of ugly-ass shirts I'd be ashamed to be seen wearing and destined to be made into rags come into mind, but look at these! I would wear that Kikoman shirt even if I'm basically advertising soy sauce (awesome soy sauce at that, if I may add). Oh and their manga/anime tshirt line! I died over the One Piece series. Trafalgar Law on a tshirt! My younger brother would approve; he and I will fight over these.

There is too much Uniqlo love in this post, but it's so easy to like this brand. They have a good business model and ethics, high quality products, awesome service and most of all, they are not out to suck you dry for a simple shirt. I now sound like I was paid to write this, but I'm not. I earnestly wait for the day Uniqlo arrives in Manila because shopping at a mall would make sense again.


  1. I love t-shirts and these are beautiful!
    I'm following you

  2. great shirts and am so envious of your trip right now. I've been itching to travel but my current sched doesn't permit it yet. Have a great week!

  3. You pretty much dress amazingly and I share your penchant for well-made clothing that is plain.

    I am glad to have found your blog!



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