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long sleeved top, thrifted / high waisted skirt, thrifted / socks, saizen / creepers, eBay

F L U X: An Exhibit of Transitions revolves around twisting the usual perceptions of light and darkness. It is always perceived that light represents good, as dark conversely represents bad. This exhibit aims to present the contrast between the two and its ironic application in an aspect of our lives. Light would represent modernism and a life centered on technology—an image of a sterile urban environment almost void of nature. Whilst darkness would represent sustainable living, prioritizing the solving of ecological issues by regulating technology in order to create an eco-urban society. This is represented by darkness, portraying how we must look back to our roots—to "darker" times when technology hasn't yet surrounded our day-to-day and, almost literally, "lit up" our lives yet.

F L U X: An Exhibit of Transitions is the exhibit project of the Multimedia Portfolio (MMPRFOL) classes of Third Term, SY 2010-2011 wherein the students will showcase their best multimedia works.

Finally. I'm proud to present the project I've been working on for the past few weeks, the reason why I've been unavailable for the time being and my current source of stress. Congratulations to this term's Portfolio batch, the opening was a success. I extend the invitation to you, dear reader, to visit our exhibit at the 10th floor of the SDA building, 950 Pablo Ocampo Street. The exhibit is open until April 14, and I hope you can find the time to check out the fruits of our labor.

I love how my skirt sways with the wind. My mother of course commented on my penchant for wearing rags and discarded fabric swatches, my friends, however, seem to like it. Got it for only for 50php.

Next up, graduate thesis defense. I might just hurl myself off a cliff.

For more information on the Flux Exhibit, please visit www.fluxexhibit.com

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