Business Class

button down, thrifted / high waisted skirt with front pockets, thrifted / creepers, eBay

This is how I do corporate.

Business class defense for my make-believe design studio which hopefully one day will become a reality, although I do hope that by the time that happens I already know how to make a decent business plan and not just scratch one out a few days before the deadline.

The button down I'm wearing has tiny crosses embroidered along the front, isn't it adorable? The best part of it is that I had to shell out only 50php for this gem. My skirt is also 50php. I just love it when my favorite ukay spots have sales. Where else can I find clothing priced the same as my lunch?

On a side note, I really have to stop wearing these creepers every single damn day. (But they go with everything!!! Damn these shoes.)

I can't wait for the Holy Week break. I need a breather before I get grilled in my thesis external defense.


  1. Great find for P50 bucks! I love the detail on the shirt. Goodluck on your thesis defense :)

  2. lol...i love this corporate look. I really have no words but...HEAVE...SIGH!!! You always astound me when you do your versions of a look.

  3. I'm so in love with all of your outfits! That is such a great shirt!! You should totally come study art in the Netherlands:D


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