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I've been feeling a little unmotivated these past few days, and this extends to my sartorial choices. Gray shirt, black jeans, black shoes. Repeat. It's no-fail, reliable, and also a little boring. So today I wore something that's not black, white or gray.

Meet my maroon socks. Got them at Saizen at their sale rack. I gravitated to it like a fly to a fresh pile of dung. I know, I'm a cheapskate, I look for marked down prices in a store that sells bargain items. But how could I not, when everything was 25php? Aside from this I also got a gray pair that go up to my knees, but that's another sock story. I like legwear and would like to acquire more, but the sock and tights selection in the Philippines is best described as uninspiring. People here wear socks for necessity, either because they go to a school that requires pristine white socks or wear black dress socks to go with their office shoes. Sure, we have those neon striped socks with individual toes but I'm not a preteen anymore, so no. I could buy legwear from high street stores but I cant justify hundreds of pesos for socks and tights, so no as well.

This post proves how uneventful my life is at the moment. The hell, I'm talking about my freaking socks. Look at that title. How profound. I need to see a play or something.


  1. nice skirt! And i agree with the socks! the good ones are pretty expensive...

  2. i thought those shoes were oxfords, haha my bad, they're creepers. they're cool too!
    nice to know a fellow Filipina in the fashion blogging world..im now following.

  3. Great blog. Very interesting and stylish.

    Just come and see mine.



  4. what a cool outfit! I wish i could pull off socks too...but i guess its no longer appropriate for my age...lol!


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