Red and Polka Dots for Good Luck, New Glasses for Better Vision

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I finally got my eyes checked and had a new pair of glasses made after nearly four years. I have myopia with astigmatism and as expected my eye grade went up. When I tried the glasses on, it was a revelation.

Not only can I read things from a distance, I can also finally see texture. I can clearly see the faces of people, not just fleshy shapes topped with a mass of hair. Walking down a flight of stairs is no longer a struggle because my depth perception has been corrected and I wont have to worry about miscalculating a step and then falling down. Everything becomes smaller. People lose two sizes and furnitures shrink. When I'm not wearing my glasses I tend to bump into various objects because I see things out of their proportion and the glasses remedy that. I knew my eyesight was bad but I had no idea it was this terrible.

The last time I had a pair I lost them two weeks after they were made. Why did I put off having new glasses made? They make my life so much easier and puts the world in perspective. If only that wasn't just visually.


  1. Smile more on your pictures, please. :)

  2. yes, you look very beautiful when you smile...and i love love your style!

  3. Great outfit. I love the kimono and those creepers are just perfect!


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