Brothel Creepers

creepers, eBay

There's really nothing much to say about these shoes except that they're nothing short of amazing. I like how these shoes are polarizing; it's either you love or detest them. These creepers are my first eBay purchase and it was such a steal at 500php because brand new pairs usually retail for around 140US$. Strangely enough the day before I picked up these shoes I saw a pair from Trash and Vaudeville featured in an editorial in the February 2011 issue of US Vogue. Is this a sign that creepers will be in fashion in the coming season? I sincerely hope not. Meanwhile, expect to see me around school an inch or so taller than usual.


  1. Really cute shoes. I want a pair too. :(

  2. Saw them creepers being retailed at Far East Plaza. so..the possibility of it being the next trend is not far-off


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