I Like To Take Pictures Around Campus

At the cafeteria...

...beside a painting (This is the only piece of artwork I have seen hanging in a wall in what is supposedly an arts campus.)

...and at the library.

tunic, thrifted / black tank top and leggings, SM / shoes, advan / chain harness, DIY

I give you low quality pictures made possible by my cellphone. Yes, I like to stand at hallways looking stoic and obnoxious.

I will miss the SDA campus when I graduate. I like blank white walls, large glass windows, empty spaces and irregular walls, therefore I adore our building. I haven't completely explored the building and I hope to do it before I leave in May. During the start of this school year, the powers-that-be changed the numbering of the rooms for some unknown reason. I dont think they even informed the students. Of course I got lost; I get lost all the time. Up to now I dont know the room numbers of my classes, I just know where the rooms are.

At the mall I like to hang out at book stores; at school I like to hang out at the library. Is that even surprising? There are still so many books and magazines that I would like to borrow and I'm quickly running out of time. Sometimes I'll stumble upon a great book and see that no one has borrowed it yet or has not been borrowed for a long time. Why aren't students taking advantage of the library? Maybe if people stopped wasting time on Facebook and instead picked up a worthwhile book life on Earth will be much more bearable.

The tunic is one of the things I thrifted during my recent Baguio trip. It drapes beautifully and is perfect for humid days. The tag says 'A Mon Avis' and according to Google, it's a Japanese clothing brand specializing in Lolita. I cannot imagine any kind of Lolita wearing this... sack. Clearly, I have a predilection for unflattering clothing.

I'm babbling. I hide behind a barrage of nonsense when I have nothing to say.


  1. wow, I love your outfit. something really cool about the baggy/drapy-ness of it all. And that necklace/chain thingy is just the cherry on top! Love!

  2. lovely outfit, great pictures! :)


  3. omg!! i love the tunic! girl, grabe! i love the way u dress up tlga. yer so different. i love that yer not the floral-girly dresser. mwah

  4. I'm inlove with your chain, and all the food in the below post. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.



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