Looking Around the Chinese Cemetery

Art Deco style mausoleums abound in the Chinese Cemetery.

This family had a miniature basilica built to serve as their mausoleum. Those German dudes also participated in the tour.

The Noodle King's mausoleum. Check out that crown.

Pardon the absence. I am a graduating college student, and as a result I have a lot of things to do. I will spare you the agony of me droning endlessly about project deadlines and topic defences. I think the work has taken its toll on me physically. Right now my lower back aches and last night I woke up twice because my left leg was cramping, both of which have never happened before. A few days ago I had a slight fever. I'm not eating properly and run mainly on chocolate and fast food, and sleep is almost non-existent. I cannot wait for the holiday break.

Last week I joined the Mounds, Magnates and Mausoleums tour of the Chinese Cemetery in Manila by Ivan Dy of Old Manila Walks for my thesis (Duh, of course. Almost everything I do nowadays is connected to that.) I also interviewed him. I took only a few pictures because I was late and arrived when the tour was almost finished. I tried so hard not to be late for the 9.00am tour and I didn't have to be if I didn't get lost. Imagine, getting lost finding a huge place just less than two kilometers away from one's house. Unbelievable.

Please do join the tour if you have time. The Chinese Cemetery is a treasure trove of beautiful architecture, from traditional Chinese style structures to art deco and postwar modernist mausoleums. The cemetery dates back to the late 1800's, so just imagine how much history (and architecture) is present in that place. Give the malls a rest for once, okay?

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