Tribute to a Dress

sack dress, thrifted / generic tights / plimsolls, advan / wooden cross, quiapo

This dress elicits varied commentary. My mom said it looks like a sack, hence the name, and it really is a valid observation because the dress has enough material for another one. However, she did say it suits me. Does that mean I should start wearing sacks as in sako?

Some people say it resembles a hospital gown. Some say it's cute. Initially I was attracted to the color. When I sift through the racks at a thrift store the first thing I look at is color and the slate gray color of the dress was right up my alley. If the color of the garment does not catch my eye I wont bother looking at it. This isn't a problem because I hardly ever wear something that's not black, white and the various shades of gray in between and blue, occasionally. The other thing I like about the dress is its uneven, gathered hem, making the sides puff out, like a sad deflated balloon. This is probably my favorite dress, but it's not hard to pick one when I've only got around three or so.

Today is winter solstice, with a lunar eclipse to boot. Sadly, I did not witness that glorious phenomena because it was cloudy and I could not see the moon from anywhere in our school building. This is truly disappointing because looking at the photos, the eclipse was definitely something beautiful and this shit happened for the first time in 372 years. What remains of me might not even be a speck of dust when it happens again.

Early Christmas greetings to you, reader. I hope the holidays bring you much cheer.


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