cover up with an awkward sleeve length, thrifted / oversized shirt, thrifted / leggings, the landmark / plimsolls, advan / accoutrements, quiapo

It's amazing how good lighting and good composition makes a normal school corridor look like a foreboding mental institution. I look like a patient in said institution, driven insane by her thesis.

To achieve asylum girl hair, dont shampoo for a minimum of two days. Sounds gross, but hey. Put hair up in a bun. Disregard any consideration for neatness. Remember, you're crazy.

These photos were taken about two weeks ago when I still had time to goof around. Photography and post-processing by ma petit-ami.


  1. i love!
    alam mo namang baliw tau pareho

  2. great photo! Correct muka nga shang mental institution.I'm loving your blog! =)

  3. You're absolutely right! Good lighting is an absolute must for perfect shots like this!

    Looks like UP Diliman, yes?


  4. Cute outfit, I love the necklace! And you're so pretty! :)

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog,
    I specify that I wanted noticeable the effect postprocessing :)

    xx Marina

  6. Lo meo servente core

    Lo meo servente core
    vi raccomandi Amor, [che] vi l’ha dato,
    e Merzè d’altro lato
    di me vi rechi alcuna rimembranza;
    ché del vostro valore
    avanti ch’io mi sia guari allungato,
    mi tien già confortato
    di ritornar la mia dolce speranza.
    Deo, quanto fie poca addimoranza,
    secondo il mio parvente! 10
    ché mi volge sovente
    la mente per mirar vostra sembianza:
    per che ne lo meo gire e addimorando,
    gentil mia donna, a voi mi raccomando

    Sugar sugar...you are the first!!! Thanks.

  7. I love the contrast of the black and white photos and the ones that follow. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.



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