Back in Black

long sleeved shirt, thrifted/ zip-up vest/dress, thrifted / leggings, landmark / plimsolls, advan / gray satchel, SM

After disappearing from the face of the parallel universe known as the Internet for approximately two weeks, I'm back after chasing deadlines and finishing academic responsibilities. I complain constantly about my thesis, but I am proud to say that the initial draft for my web video feature thesis about cemetery architecture entitled, 'Manila Necropoles' is completed. Now, I'm not one to brag, but can I just say that I got a 95% on my thesis project defence thesis (cue applause). The process of making the initial draft for the thesis has not been easy and a lot of times it has been downright depressing, but I'm glad that it's finally over and done with (at least in the meantime, or until I return next year for my final term).

Lately I've been wearing all-black outfits. After focusing on all shades of gray for the past months, the black clothing that has been languishing at the depths of my closet has finally seen the light of day again. I've been avoiding wearing all-black because it only compounds the generally sombre aura people usually associate me with and I do not wish to put off people as it is. One of my friends actually commented about this the other day and suggested I try wearing something that's found on the color wheel, like violet, or heaven forbid, pink (actually, pink isn't found on your standard 12-part color wheel, but whatever). I do like vivid hues (particularly electric blue) and I do have some clothing that's not white, black or gray, but I cant picture myself wearing yellow any time soon. I have various shades of blue in my wardrobe though, if that helps.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a very happy Christmas. I need to catch up on sleep because my sleeping pattern is whacked and as a result I get these monster migraines coupled with vomiting. My sister is coming home from Singapore and the entire family is going to Baguio after Christmas. Can you say cold weather and thrifting? I heard that the ukay prices in Baguio isn't what it used to be (ridiculously cheap), but would I let such a thought dampen the miser in me?


  1. hi email me yer home address.. now na,. tnx'

  2. lufet_karl@yahoo.com
    will give something to u

  3. Congrats on your thesis! Being absent here paid off. Welcome back! =) Let us know how cheap is cheap in Baguio...


  4. Love this simple black outfit.


  5. congrats on your thesis! we were supposed to go to baguio too but i dunno what happened :( i guess i'll just have to enjoy baguio (especially the ukay) through your upcoming posts


  6. Your outfit posts are interesting. I like the way you write :3

    Hullo from your neighbour in sunny singapore!



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