Meeting Carlos Celdran

Me waiting.

I wanted to interview Carlos Celdran for my thesis. The man responsible for the 'Walk this Way' tours is very, very busy and I thought it wouldn't be possible, but it happened. And here I was, waiting for his Sunday afternoon tour in Intramuros to end so I can take a video of the interview. There are a few things you need to know about me regarding Carlos Celdran. One, I've been a fan of his work since forever. When I was in the sixth grade I wanted to create my own tour series because I read about his and was so inspired that I was dead-set on that as a career. That's almost a decade ago. Two, I was furious when he was incarcerated regarding the Church disruption thing. As a staunch supporter of the RH Bill, I understood his intentions. (A side note: I spied a banner on the side of the Manila Cathedral clearly against the RH Bill. I hope the Church stops treating the Catholic community as mindless sheep who'll follow everything they say. Let them decide for themselves, they have brains, you know.)

La Monja Loca

Sunday was indeed very eventful. For starters, I fell out of a moving jeepney in front of the Manila Cathedral. Landed on my butt, banged up my hand and hit my head on the pavement. Written it looks like a lot of damage, especially the part where my skull becomes acquainted with the concrete, but in reality my hand hurts more than my head. I was dazed, sure, but nothing serious (I hope). I feel fine right now, however, if I start becoming mentally debilitated you know why.

Mr. Celdran arranged to have the interview at his souvenir shop right beside the San Agustin Church called La Monja Loca. So how did I find myself in his house for the interview?

Mr. Celdran's living room. I want their Arco-esque lamp.

It happened quickly, with him rushing out of the building with two Singaporean women who joined the tour and me trailing him. I think he forgot about the interview. Anyway, the next thing I knew I was in his car with the Singaporeans, on the way to his apartment. The whole thing was like, 'What the hell, I did not sign up for this.' I found the whole circumstance not unpleasant but quite unbelievable. There was an experimental music presentation happening at his place, hence the number of people. I felt out of place in that crowd, and wanted nothing but for the interview to be over and done with. However, I loooooooove his apartment building. Very Old Manila, with spacious corridors and wide windows. It's something I pictured for my first apartment. Anyway.

The interview lasted a little more than three minutes. I didn't stay for the experimental music what-not and I almost forgot to give the fruitcake I brought as a thank you gift. I know this has nothing to do with fashion or design but please do check out his tours. I promise you you'll look at at Manila differently afterwards.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'm joining the Chinese Cemetery tour by Ivan Dy and I'm also going to interview him afterwards. Again, for my thesis. I'll post pictures of that and also a piece about the first instalment of the Deathly Hallows movie (because I just watched it yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!1), so stay tuned for that.


  1. that's really interesting that you met your childhood Idol! Hope your head/hand are okay!! Really love your blog, I saw Harry Potter as well and loved it :)

  2. Saw your blog from LB! looks like I'll be following you from today on =)

  3. Hi! i just wanted to know whats your thesis po? Im also doing my thesis about him, i hope you could help :)

    1. Hey Anjell, my thesis was about Manila cemetery architecture and Carlos Celdran was one of my resource persons.


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