More Reasons to Love the Japanese

Can anyone tell me the name of this fine lady? I keep seeing her on various Japanese street fashion websites and she never fails to astound me with her impeccable style.

photos taken from FRUiTS Oct 2010 and from fuckyeahfruits

They may have a rigid patriarchal society, a creepy lolicon complex and once plotted to dump radioactive waste in our seas, but one cant deny the style the Japanese have. No one can layer, mix and pull off crazy colored hair, out-of-this-world shoes, quirky/cute accessories and avant garde design (often executed all at the same time) like they can.

Someday, I'd love to visit Japan, not just for the street fashion and shopping (of course), but also to see their traditional festivals and arts and craft techniques in reality and not just by watching the Japan Video Files on IBC 13. I'd love to see how they make the almost indestructible washi paper and their amazing textiles. I'd like to experience a summer festival in the countryside, watching fireworks and eating authentic takoyaki while wearing a yukata.

But for now, these street fashion images will do, while I save up for that trip (but first I'll have to finish my thesis and graduate first, then get a job...). Enjoy!

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