Things to Adorn Your Phalanges

Clockwise: pliers, leaf pendant, old cross pendant, superglue, small ornate cross pendant, a couple of blank rings, random wire ball, coral and bronze seed bead pendant, some pagan idol pendant.

Pardon my gnarly hands. I have been washing and cleaning my flood- and dog pee-soaked canvas shoes prior to that picture.

I decided to make good use of my term break by making some good ol' arts-and-crafts projects. In a burst of slight productivity in between watching movies and sleeping, I made rings out of a couple of old materials left over from previous projects. I bought the silver pendants from Quiapo, while the coral and bronze flower-like thing is something I made following instructions from a totally unreadable Japanese bead craft book. Any half-brain can do this, as it only entails gluing said pendants to blank rings. Make sure to choose blank rings with a flat mount, not the ones with a spike for a mount. The blank rings cost me 12php for a pack of ten.

All in all, this project only cost me 72php, not including the jeepney fare to and from Quiapo. The superglue is more expensive the the blank rings. 72php for five rings? Not bad at all, says my miserly self. Not bad at all.

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  1. Hi. Where else can one buy blank rings except in Quiapo?


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