Free at Last

white semi-sheer button down, thrifted / coated jeans, penshoppe / black plimsolls, advan / rings, watch, necklace, all from quiapo

See that big smile? I can finally breathe now that the term is officially over.

I bought the button down i'm wearing here for only 15php. Actually, I also bought two more things for 15php along with it, including seriously dropped crotch shorts and a something I couldn't tell what exactly (well, i did buy it at the skirts section), which I will show in an upcoming post. Anyway, that's the cheapest I ever paid for something in ukay before. I love how soft the material of the top is- it reminds me of something I would use to wrap wounds, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it? It's so breezy and perfect for hot, humid days.

I buy majority (if not all) of the accessories I didn't make myself from Quiapo. It's also where I buy my raw materials. I prefer going to Quiapo over Divisoria because the former's less stressful. I cannot recall ever going to Divi without leaving sans a headache. The prices are almost the same anyway. I dont have a ring worth more than 70php. You see that Native American chieftain ring I'm wearing? 65php, beat that. Yes, I realize this only compounds my cheapskate-ness. I'll do a ring post soon, and maybe a Quiapo accessory shopping guide (not that I can call myself an expert on that).

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  1. Hi Mika! I'm a Theresian and from SDA too! I discovered your blog through your lookbook. I love your style! :D

    I'm looking forward to your "Quiapo accessory shopping guide" ;-) i'd love to see it! Plus, can you suggest any ukay-ukay shops i can visit? :)


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