Leather Lace Up Boots

navy button down, filched from my younger bro's closet / black leggings from landmark / thrifted boots

i got these babies for only php280. actually it was 300php but the nice girl at my favorite shoe thrifting haunt at edsa gave me another discount from the already discounted price. i bought these the day a bomb threat was raised just across the street the exact same time i was trying them on. thank god nothing happened.

the buckles can be removed, giving me more options on how i can wear the boots. maybe i'll even wear the buckles as bracelets. i also love how they resemble the ann demeulemeester boots i posted some months ago. these are perfect for the rainy season. speaking of which, three of my canvas shoes have already been soaked by flood. curse you, faulty manila sewage.

as you can see i've made a lot changes in the blog, starting with the over-all design and layout. i have also scrapped the old header and instead put a simpler one. if you look at the right side of the blog i added an 'outfits' and a 'diy' link. what do you think of all these changes? for the better? i hope so.

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