asymmetrical jacket by betty from SM / thrifted oversized gray shirt / zippered leggings by betty from SM / slip-on shoes from cotton on / accessories from quiapo and mango

i'm in the midst of job-hunting for my OJT subject and finding one is of top importance, lest i flunk that subject and lose my scholarship. i need to earn 50,000php in three months. if you know of any multimedia-related internship position in any company, please drop me an email. or, if you are in need of a graphic designer / layout artist / CAD artist / web designer, send me some love and we'll talk about your project. i'm currently updating my online portfolio, i'll post a link to it when it's done and live. help me out here, guys. god help me.


  1. love the jackt. hey yer a girl, wear platforms and hi heels.. love the blurry photos.. drama rama!


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