raindance, anyone?

went to UP diliman this afternoon with my younger brother (a.k.a the prodigal son) to sort out his admission troubles. turns out he will be delayed for a semester because of a stupid physics book which i doubt he even opened once. the sky was overcast and there was slight rain, and i am amused that filipinos consider 31 degrees celsius 'cool.' is our heat sensibility already severely damaged by the constant exposure to oil-frying temperatures? at 25 degrees celsius, westerners are sweating while filipinos (i.e, me) pile on the layers, but i do hope the cooler weather continues, as i cannot even bear to wear jeans anymore.

more pictures which were taken today are coming up tomorrow, i just wanted to make a 'teaser.' clearly i suck at it, me running and jumping does not qualify as teaser material.

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  1. it is indeed cooler now noh? hay nako. la nina na naman so goodluck sa bansa natin.

    love your shorts! ^^


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