DIY gray beanie / shirt that says inca kola from peru / betty asymmetrical jacket from SM / black sheep gray drop crotch shorts from maldita / black plimsolls from advan / DIY studded bag from SM
as i mentioned in my previous post, my brother and i went to UP diliman on this dreary, gloomy, overcast day. wait, who the hell am i kidding? i loved that day! after two months i can finally wear a jacket without fainting from heat exhaustion. wow!
this lovely pair of draped drop crotch shorts was a lucky find from the three-day sale at trinoma last week. marked down from 999php to 350php, i knew i had to get it. it was available in black as well, but i figured the drapes would be seen better with the gray pair. my sister and i split the cost because that just how we roll (actually we're jut cheapskates) and went home happy and content. we didn't even know there was a sale in trinoma then, we just wanted to go out of the house; i guess the best things come when you're not really looking for them.
p.s i feel weird when i smile in photos, i think i look better with a grimace. true or not? also, i forgot to take a picture of my favorite building in UP-D, this abandoned bauhaus-inspired office?/gym?/warehouse? near the clinic. i loved it the first time i saw it when we were jogging around UP weeks ago, especially the fact that the guard of that building keeps goats there. dear UP readers, do illuminate me on my mystery building.
p.p.s what the fuck is wrong with blogger, my blog's font is all wonky.


  1. wow, i love this outfit! especially the jacket and the pants :)

  2. You have amazing smile, girl! You should definitely smile more in pictures! :)

    And ps. I'm from Finland :D


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