my sister and i were supposed to be thrift shopping yesterday. we ended up lost and decided to go to the nearest mall. actually, we really did plan to go to the mall after thrift shopping. anyway, i forgot it was the start of the three-day midnight madness sale in glorietta so the place was packed with people. i'm not a fan of crowded malls, i guess it works for some people, but large groups of people give me a headache. maybe it's just the misanthrope in me.

in my opinion, a trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without a stop in a bookstore. so off to powerbooks we went. now, while i may spend half of my time reading books, i dont go and buy them. it's bad, i know, but i just dont like spending for books. however, yesterday was different. i bought a book, and a pretty darn pricey one at that. the sartorialist by scott schuman was the most expensive book i have ever bought with my own money. the last book i bought before the sartorialist was the world's most evil men, paperback, and only 99php. i'm a cheapskate-so sue me.

i have to say the book was worth the money i forked over for it. the photos are beautiful, the paper feels durable and i love how leafing through the book made me feel like i was travelling all over the world, taking a peek into other people's lives and how style makes the people them. i really cant explain it, it would be better if you just bought the book and discovered it for yourself.

maybe this would herald the start of future book purchases. i'm planning to buy the nylon street book, but the blurry images turn me off. do you think it's worth it? or maybe i should just buy the gray batwing-sleeved top/thingy from willow at the ramp? decisions, decisions.


  1. His book is awesome just like his blog... =)

  2. First of all, thanks for the comment on my blog. :) We can follow each other and be friends here in blogger of you like. haha!

    Btw, good purchase!! A Sartorialist book!



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