reminiscing singapore part II

iluma and bugis junction malls. love the facade!

bugis market. i think i died and went to heaven when i stepped inside. so many clothes, so little time (and money).

vintage store hopping at hajji lane, singapore's narrowest street. this is like their cubao x.

rows and rows of translated manga at borders.

fried mars at the basement floor food court of far east plaza. i could polish off 10 orders of this stuff at one sitting--it's that good.

going home in a double decked bus.

of course it's required to shop when travelling, especially in singapore, where malls populate practically every block. i would have loved to shop till i dropped, but lack of resources (specifically, monetary) prevented me from doing so. the best places to shop are in far east plaza for cheap shoes and women's clothing, bugis junction for unique local labels, hajji lane for indie designers and vintage and bugis market for hard-core tiangge shopping.

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