postcards to summer

thrifted sailor shirt / urban outfitters jeans turned into shorts courtesy of my scissors / suenos de espadrilles maroon espadrilles

dear summer,

hey there, old friend. you only visit once a year, but boy do you leave such a profound effect on everyone, not just me. you've only been here for a month, but you got on everyone's nerves already, leaving us huffing and puffing in your wake. admittedly i'm not your biggest fan but why are you so hot-tempered? if you toned down the heat for even just a bit i'm sure everything would be better, and i'd learn to love you more. sure, i like you, but on most days i curse your coming. you just wont quit, even in the enclave of an air-conditioned building i can still feel the sting of your anger, what with the sweat down my back? and yet you also bring treasured memories and you always know how to create the perfect setting for lasting friendships, so i cant hate on you that much. perhaps your sister rain could pop down for a visit once in a while? we miss her terribly and need her badly. dont be such a grouch, okay? help us a little bit and ease up on the temper. we know you're fiery but dont scorch us too much. can i have a pinky-swear on that?

love lots,

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