save the pandas

gray cardigan from topshop / white panda shirt from thailand courtesy of my friend dione / black coated jeans from penshoppe / combat boots from bugis market singapore / accessories from quiapo

wow, i'm not wearing anything thrifted today.

yesterday, manila was hit by a magnitude 5 earthquake. where was i? at home, chilling with my older bro. i was getting dressed for school when it happened and forgot all about it when i left. when i got to vito cruz this scene greeted me:

i thought there was a rally. apparently, everyone had to evacuate the SDA building because of the earthquake. people were practically on the street. thank god i do not drive a car to school, because the traffic was terrible. you can just imagine. everyone hoped that classes would be suspended, but i would be pretty pissed off because i just got to school.
anyway, i'm going to the mecca of all things thrifted, baguio, on april 1 and 2. my friends and i are off for some cool weather, cheap shopping and oh, maybe shoot our final project for vidprod2? haha. after baguio i'm heading straight to our beach house at bataan for some old-fashioned lenten celebration: midnight masses, pasyon and public flogging.

ikaw, anong plano mo sa holy week?


  1. Love this look!


  2. i love your boots! i want it. ganda niya swear.


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