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quite a number of people have asked me how to make chain harnesses. granted, this is a simple design, but of course, before partaking in a complicated design for a harness, practice is needed. i made my first harness mid-2009. after seeing them being worn by bloggers all over the world and finding out how expensive they retail, i decided to study the design and figure out how they're made because they're basically made of just chain anyway.

materials needed:

- approximately 5 yards of chain (choose your chain type, finish and color). measure and cut the following components from the 5 yards:
> 120 cm (2 pieces) for the side straps
> 20 cm (1 piece) for the back strap
> 10 cm (5 pieces) for the central connecting straps
- long nosed pliers

i buy my materials from wellmanson store in villalobos street in quiapo.


  1. after measuring and cutting the components listed above, separate them. identify and remember which length of chain are the side straps, the back strap and the central connecting straps.

  2. using the pliers, connect one end of the side straps to the end of the back strap. the end of the back strap should have the two side straps hanging from the end. the resulting chain should look like this:

  3. connect the loose ends of the side straps to the other end of the back strap.
  4. from the part where the side straps and back strap are connected, measure about 30 cms of the side straps. mark the area by tying a string (both of the side straps).
  5. get one of the central connecting straps and connect one end to the part of side strap where you marked the string. connect the loose end to the other side. make sure it's not lopsided (unless you want that effect).

  6. repeat step 5, connecting the central connecting straps one by one in regular intervals. i did mine by spacing each of them by 5 'circles'.

  7. you're done! wear your creation proudly!
here's my end result. i wore it with an oversized gray shirt which i thrifted, plain black leggings from the landmark and combat boots from bugis market in singapore.

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  1. So cute, must try this!



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