thrifted striped top / black tiered ruffle skirt from bugis market singapore / my sister's football socks from SM / white slip-on shoes from cotton on / accessories from quiapo

the skirt was my souvenir for my sister during my trip last year to singapore. i loved it so much that i borrowed it all the time. cheap too, as it only cost $10. i wore socks because i have a wound on my shin which i got from riding the jeepney and a bruise on the same leg courtesy of my dog. the shirt used to have long sleeves, but since it was oversized the length of the sleeves did not look good on me; i tried making the width of the sleeves smaller to no avail. in a fit of frustration (and inspiration) i hacked half the sleeves off. i think it looks better that way.

my trip to baguio has been cancelled. it makes me sad because i really wanted to go thrifting. however, there's this huge thrift place in merville which i will check out in the following days, and hopefully i can visit cubao as well. good finds to come.

have a nice holy week everyone! as always, be safe and remember the reason why we even celebrate lent in the first place.

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