gray dress, thrifted / black socks, SM / white slip on shoes, cotton on / pocket watch necklace, quiapo

sorry for the slowdown in posts. last week was midterms week and as usual, i got caught up in work because i'm too damn lazy to do anything when it's not two days before the deadline.

wore this outfit to go thrifting along espana with my younger sister last saturday. that day had the highest recorded temperature so far; i expect the heat to get worse as el nino slowly encroaches and threatens to parch all of manila. this dress is light and breezy, and i love how it resembles a sack. did i mention i got it for only 70 pesos in one of my favorite thrift stores along edsa? sadly, the thrifting trip proved fruitless, it was new arrival day in one of the thrift stores and prices were much too high for my liking. i managed to dig up a gray vivienne westwood cardigan. i didn't buy it, it was expensive at 250 pesos and a bit damaged. i might buy it if goes cheaper. i also liked a bunch of other stuff from that store, but as i said, prices were too steep for a goddamn thrift store.

i have new outfits to post, i felt bad for not posting for a week. stay tuned.


  1. cute dress. i love ukay too! tell me where u go thrifting? hehe

  2. I love the shape of that dress, really gorgeous! The colour is nice, too.



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