for saturday





black tank top from SM | black asymmetrical jacket from SM | gray drape vest | thrifted black drape skirt | black combat boots from singapore | DIY chain harness

this is my entry to the nihonggo week japanese street fashion contest this saturday. do you think i have a chance of winning with this outfit? i got this skirt at my most recent thrifting trip to quiapo for about 33php, since it was 3-for-100 day i got to take home a lot more, which may have appearances in future posts. i'm wearing my hair milkmaid style; putting my hair in a bun is getting boring and damaging to my scalp.

sorry for the very incoherent post, it's hard to listen to your 3D animation prof while typing out a blog post.

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  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwww who takes yer photos?
    whats yer cam>\
    i love the skirt.. everything! keep it up Mika


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